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Respon Elastik Balok Berlubang Empat Persegi Panjang

Respon Elastik Balok Berlubang Empat Persegi Panjang Pada Joint Balok Kolom Eksterior Akibat Beban Gempa

Structural engineers are frequently confronted with the problem of providing passage for utility ducts and pipes to accommodate essential services such as plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, telephones and electricity. There is a growing trend in constructing high-rise building by passing services ducts through openings in the floor beams. However, openings in the web of a reinforced concrete beam induces high stress concentration at the corner of the opening, reduces beam stiffness and alters beam behavior to a more complex one. Therefore, the effects of an opening on service load behaviour of the beam must be properly accounted for in design.Three exterior reinforced concrete beam-column joints were constructed and tested. All specimens had 275 mm x 275 mm square columns with a total height of 2 m. The main beam had a 175 x 325 mm cross section and extended 1.5 m from the inner face of the column. The slab was 60 mm thick and 945 mm wide. The column-to-beam flexural strength ratio, Mn,k/Mn,b, was approximately 1.3 (greater than 1.2). An axial compressive load equal to 0.15f’cAg was applied to the column prior to the application of cyclic lateral load, and the cyclic lateral load was applied pseudo-statically using a collar located at the end of the beam. Results of the tests show that the predominant modes of failure occur in 2D from the inner face of the column. The presence of web openings will not push the failure away from plastic hinge. Maximum degradation of the first crack load subjected to negative moment is 13.48% and maximum degradation of the first crack load subjected to positive moment is 37.6% compared to the referenced specimen.

You can download full text from this link Respon Elastik Balok Berlubang Empat Persegi

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