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The New Chapter of My Life…

Bull Ring - City Center of Birmingham

Bull Ring - City Center of Birmingham

After all, I have to compromise with all possibilities I have. Despite blaming all to the one you-know-who, it would be great If I could blend myself to this long and lonely journey. Yep…taking my PhD and leaving all behind. It looks like living in a dream. After several years in fighting the struggling and challenging IELTS score, I hold my scholarship finally.

Luckily, I become a PhD Student of School of Engineering-University of Birningham. Knowing that I have stood up on this Queen Elizabeth land can heal all the pain the 14hours flight I experienced from Jakarta. Not mention to the disorganized perplexed situation in Dikti Office in Jakarta.

Living in this city just feels like home. I can still find many Indonesian in Campus. Amazingly, when I shopped in Sainsbury’s last night I met 7 (SEVEN) Indonesia students hunting their needs  :). what a small world.

Ok… this writing not to be a part of a show off. It is intended to be my diary-like and a structured note for my research and my new life as a PhD student. That’s all- sorry for the bad english, it is my fault.  Cheers

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